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Vans Atwood

An ensemble is never complete without the perfect set of shoes. Whether they are trainers, canvas’, or sneakers, every little detail has to be on point so much so that they complement the entire attire. There are many things that go into making the perfect shoes that might fetch you the compliments of the ones around you. 

Shoes hold very significant importance in our lives and history. Who hasn’t heard of the fairy tale Cinderella and her shoes? But hey, Cinderella was wearing an expensive crystal show, and we don’t have the fairy godmothers to provide such costly shoes for us, right?

So, our solution for classy shoes which do not make our bank balance disappear are these Vans Atwood canvas shoes. Whether it is a concert or a regular day at school, everyone is dolled up in these comfy shoes that also manage to blend just right with their outfits. 

The Vans Atwood cheap men’s canvas’ shoes are classy, and as comfy as a pile of wool. This blog containing Vans Atwood information is all that you need to know before purchasing one pair for yourself.

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Vans Atwood Men’s Canvas Shoes

Vans is not only a brand name; it is a heritage. It includes everything that has gone into producing high-quality canvas shoes for decades. The sweat and grand ideas both alike have contributed to the level of success Vans so proudly stands today. 

Canvas shoes aren’t just comfortable footwear for a jolly day out, nor are they limited to teenagers for use anymore. They are versatile footwear that is both comfortable and affordable. This Vans Atwood review contains every aspect discussed in detail from a consumer’s point of view and we have taken information from various Vans Atwood user reviews.

  • Water Protection 

The material of the construction of canvas shoes does contain PVC, which is a known water repellant, but it is also mixed with fabric such as cotton or linen, which makes it briefly water penetrable. 

Brief contact with small bodies of water is fine as long as you don’t go around dipping your feet into puddles. The advice is that if you do not want your feet and shoes wet, do not put them in water.

  • Sole 

There aren’t thick layers of soles in canvas shoes, but that doesn’t mean that they do not provide the much-needed protection from abrasions. Rather they are the comfiest of all shoes for this very reason. 

The outer sole or outsole is made with rubber and is known to rubber waffle or gum rubber design. The rubber outsole is the perfect solution to prevent slipping on wet surfaces at the same time for protecting against abrasions. 

After all, our feet should be protected just like all other parts; if they are at the bottom doesn’t mean they should be treated differently.

The insoles of canvas shoes are called textile insoles because they are constructed with fabric. The significance of these insoles is that it provides a lot of room for adjustment as it is flexible; thus, it provides utmost comfortability.

  • Material 

The external material is obviously canvas, that is where the name is derived for these shoes. In the earlier days, when modern techniques of refining clothes were not invented, the canvas was associated with hemp. 

The hemp plant was the base material for canvas; people used to keep the high at the lower level in those days. Nowadays, the canvas is made with cotton, linen, and reinforced with polyvinyl chloride. The fabric part, aka the cotton and linen, provides the breathability to the shoes, whereas the PVC is added to reinforce a certain level of sturdiness. 

The mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers, such as PVC, provides stability and a real barrier between your feet and the environment. 

  • Heel

We all wish we were a couple of inches longer and try to grab onto every opportunity that could add to our height. Maybe it’s the complex that social media has inflicted in our minds that a certain height is the most attractive, but we believe that as long as a person is nice, the height doesn’t matter. 

These Vans Atwood deal canvas shoes have straight soles, and while they do not lift you up much, they sure do keep you grounded, but that doesn’t mean they do not provide enough support for you to jump and reach for the stars yourself. 

The straight heel gives you an opportunity to play and stride in the same shoes all day long. 

  • Easy to Clean- Washable

The construction material used for canvas shoes is a mixture of cotton or linen with synthetic fibers such as polyvinyl chloride, which is otherwise known as PVC. The PVC part of the material is the dirt repellant, but if still, your shoes get dirty, they can be easily cleaned. 

Now you will have one of the following two options for cleaning your canvas shoes. The first one is a wet cloth to wipe off minimal dirt and still keep the shoes accessible. The second option is when your shoes have meddled into some really dirty business, and the only option left is to give them a proper washing. 

In the event of mud puddles or accidental slips into the garbage, you must not throw your canvas away, but you may throw them in a washing machine to find them as clean as a new pair.


  • Rubber waffle outsoles 
  • Washable 
  • Breathable material
  • Inexpensive 


  • Not waterproof
  • Get dirty easily

Final Word

Whether it is a walk with your peers or a fancy dinner reservation, these canvas shoes will work perfectly for your look. They are breathable, they are comfortable, they are stylish, yet they don’t break your wallet. 

What more do you all want from shoes, really? Vans Atwood cheap Canvas shoes have got all of the desirable properties. 

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